6 PowerPoint Templates With Skyrockets

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PowerPoint is a go-to destination for hundreds of thousands of presentation creators around the world. The tool has emerged as one of the most popular software for creating captivating and engaging presentations. Be it for personal, educational, or business use, a rightly crafted presentation can draw a line between a closed deal or a missed opportunity. Today, PowerPoint has established itself as the de facto for communicating thoughts with the audience.

With surplus information roaming around us, a well-designed PowerPoint presentation can help you open doors to plenty of opportunities. However, often presenters have a hard time presenting their thoughts in the form of slides and fail to deliver the precise idea of your topic or subject to the audience. The presentation must transform ordinary data into a meaningful form to enable the audience to comprehend the content without getting overwhelmed.

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How PowerPoint Templates Help?

Rather than creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, you can leverage ready-to-use slide decks and get access to improved branding, design excellence, quick customization, superior graphics & consistency throughout slides. Readymade PowerPoint templates boost the understanding of your audience. Whether you’re pitching to a group of investors, presenting your company’s budget, or teaching your students, PowerPoint templates can help you create impressive presentations and deliver a memorable experience to the audience.

Not just that, with ready-to-use templates, you can save a lot of effort and time. Often presenters are short on time and end up creating ordinary-looking presentations. Worry not! Templates allow you to worry less about the design and focus more on the content quality! Thus, templates help you save time and deliver superior PowerPoint presentations in no time. An ideal template has a perfect amalgamation of layouts, color, fonts, backgrounds, quality images, and placeholder content.

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Let’s move ahead and explore six state-of-the-art PowerPoint templates that come pre-packed with Skyrocket design and aesthetics:

  1. Space Rocket Shape PowerPoint Template

Kickstart your next service or product launch with SlideModel’s revolutionary Space Rocket Shape PowerPoint template. The rocket-shaped designs, as well as illustrations, are perfect for businesses of all scales. Presenters can leverage the templates for boosting product launch, growth seminars, board meetings, and much more. The template enables you to visualize business strategies for the viewers in the most audience-friendly fashion. 

The 3-Slide template comes in 16×9 size, features superior design aesthetics, and allows you to showcase your creativity like never before. Backed with rich visualizations and PowerPoint backgrounds, you can use the Space Rocket Shape PowerPoint template and enhance the visual appeal of your presentation manifolds in no time! Rather than creating a presentation from scratch, simply populate the content placeholders and get access to corporate-grade slides.

  1. Skyrocket PowerPoint Template

There is no denying that product development is the lifeblood of organizations of all scales and industries. The Skyrocket PowerPoint template is your perfect pick for promoting your product’s launch or showcasing the product journey to the audience. The template comes pre-packed with intuitive shapes and background images that allow you to demonstrate your brand’s sales, growth & marketing key performance metrics (KPIs). 

The template features an engaging upward-facing skyrocket as well. Presenters can leverage the visual to depict the company’s mission, vision, and performance goals. The template is 100% customizable. You can alter every slide element and attune the presentation as per your company’s branding without any hassle. The Skyrocket PowerPoint template comes in a 16×9 aspect ratio and supports popular presentation platforms such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Office 365, Keynote, and more.

  1. Rocket Comparison Slides PowerPoint Template

Capture your audiences’ attention with rich visuals, superior typography, illustrative charts & customizable layouts with Rocket Comparison Slides PowerPoint template. Whether your business is in Sales, Marketing, Education, or Medicine, you can use this template to present a comprehensive compare-contrast between products & services. Startups can also use the template to project different growth trajectories. The audience of today is advanced! Hence, a pixel-perfect design is as important as your presentation’s content.

The 4-Slide template can help you project key performance indicators in the group of two and four metrics. The amazingly crafted design and shapes help you secure minimal traction and maximum engagement from the audience. Add numbers, percentages, pointers and engage your audience more than ever before. The template also comes with fully editable slide elements, vector images, 3D shapes, diagrams, and much more.

  1. Space PowerPoint Template

The 14-slide Space PowerPoint presentation deck is your one-stop destination for amazing design, diagrams, infographics, and shapes. The template is a perfect addition to your slide deck collection. It features a holistic range of slide categories such as Space Cover, About Us, Timeline, 3D Diagrams, Picture Gallery, Progress Bar Charts, SWOT Analysis, and Thank You slide. Educators can also leverage this template to boost the understanding of the viewers on space exploration and outer space educational topics. 

The template allows you to save big on time, resources, and effort and quickly come up with a captivating business presentation in no time. You can also find the popular Pyramid diagram embedded in the slides. Use it for projecting Sales and Marketing funnels. Hence, professional presenters can leverage unique features such as better branding, quick customization, pixel-perfect design, multiple layouts, and space themes. Create a compelling presentation today and foster a memorable presentation experience for your viewers. Leverage attractive charts and diagrams, today!

  1. Animated Rocketship PowerPoint Template

Best suited to launch new products or services, the Animated Rocketship PowerPoint template takes your presentations from chaos to clarity. Presenters can utilize the template to represent relationships between ideas and concepts, visually! The 11-Slide presentation template features a robust timeline design that binds to your audiences’ interests right from the beginning. Each slide provides ample placeholders where you can input quality content, linking words or numbers to establish a connection between concepts. 

The template fosters engaging animations, 3D models, slide transitions, and support to feature videos. Without any hassle, presenters can present a plethora of information in an audience-friendly manner, connect the dots for the viewers and target the crux of the showcased data. You can also engage your audience with rotation-style animations and portray the presentation concepts in a minimalistic fashion. Hence, you can deliver a mesmerizing presentation experience both- in person or online with the help of this template.

  1. Rocket Timeline Template

Timelines are fundamental to any project. Be it organizing the deliverables, holding team members accountable, setting clear expectations or priorities, timelines have become an essential part of every project development endeavor. The Rocket Timeline template is a popular animated project timeline and management template. Project managers can use the template to showcase project sprints, milestones, deliverables, allocated resources & team efforts. Thus, managers can seamlessly execute the project plan while minimizing communication gaps within the team and stakeholders.

The template starts with a Rocketship launch which marks the start of the timeline. In the subsequent slides, you can edit the placeholders and put your project-related metrics and data. The template features never seen before silhouette designs, over 32 high-pixel icons, vector images, and infographics. Plus, you can entice the audience further with the morph slide transition effect. The template supports all the popular presentation platforms. You can also boost collaboration and create real-time presentations via uploading this template on Google Slides.

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The End Line: 

Gone are the days when PowerPoint presentations were only a part of boardrooms. Today, your presentation is right up there with your company’s letterhead, logo, website, and other marketing elements. Using readymade templates allows you to provide corporate-grade styling to your slides. Companies are constantly leveraging these presentations to communicate with the right prospects, garner leads, attract clients & further boost their sales funnel. 

Brands can uphold the image of the company to the audience as well as client base through rightly created PowerPoint templates. Hence, we can say the above-mentioned templates enable you to add credibility to your slides, showcase your creative skills and woo the audience like ever before. Start using them to bring a lush appeal to your presentations today.

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