Essential Desktop Parts For Your 6 Monitor Setup

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If you’re a tech-savvy avid gamer or trader then you might want to build your own 6 monitor setup.

It’s actually a lot of fun putting together your very own computer with exactly the specifications that you want. Having said that, not all of us want to or need to make our own.

In fact, there are some very sophisticated computers out there. You can check out this store for examples of some of the best in the industry.

These will meet all your gaming, trading, or other professional needs.

Essential Parts For A 6 Monitor Setup

Regardless of whether you build your own computer or choose a ready-made one for your multi-monitor, you’ll want to be aware of the different specifications and requirements to review, as detailed below:

  • Computer 
  • Graphics Card
  • Monitors
  • Cables
  • Power supply unit


Clearly, the first step for your multi-monitor is to decide on your laptop or desktop, as well as Mac or Windows 10, when designing your 6 monitor setup. Everything else is built up from this.

If you’re making your own, then you’ll need a motherboard. This is the circuit board that connects all the key components.

These are your CPU, GPU, and hard drive, to name a few. 

In terms of specifications, you’ll need at least 16GB of RAM and ideally 32GB with a processor CPU power of at least 2 to 4GHz. Intel’s processors that use several cores meet most of those needs.

These allow the computer to process things simultaneously and therefore operate faster. Having said that, you might also come across AMD processors.

Both are equally good although this is an ongoing debate, especially amongst gamers.

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Graphics Card

Most computers have an integrated graphics card but it’s still worth looking up the specification. This is a key component for processing all your graphics and images.

As you can imagine, gamers and traders need top-of-the-range parts because their livelihood depends on accurate images that update quickly and effectively.

Either way, you still need a good Graphics Processing Unit power to deal with your two, three, or 6 monitor setup.

A commonly used brand for graphics cards by gamers is Radeon or NVIDIA. You can expect to see specifications stated in GDDR4 or 6 with around 8GB of graphics random access memory or up to 12GB.

If you’re simply looking to have a two, three, or 6 monitor setup for professional needs then the GDDR4 video card specification is more than good enough.


Let’s not forget that we need to view all our work nicely spread out across our awesome two, three, or 6 monitor setup.

The number of monitors you choose really depends on you and what you’re going to use them for.

You might even want to start with only two monitors and gradually build up from there as you get used to the extra space.

When choosing monitors, resolution, and size are probably your most important criteria. In terms of resolution, there are 3 commonly used LCD panels on the market today starting with TN panels and then VA and IPS in order of increasing resolution.

There are some slight differences in contrast and color but essentially, the majority of 6 monitor setup users opt for the more affordable TN panels.

They are more than good enough for most multi-monitor needs with perfectly good display quality. It’s also worth noting that even gamers who rely on high resolution often choose TN panels.

This is because the other panels can’t keep up with the high refresh rates that professional gamers use.

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Naturally, you’ll have to connect your multi-monitor equipment together through your ports.

Once you’ve assembled your components together, including your laptop or desktop then you’ll be able to check your DisplayPorts. The most commonly used ones are HDMI, VGA, DVI, and USB.

If you’re not sure which ones are which then you take a photo to your computer shop and ask them for the right cables.

Power supply unit

If you’re making your own computer with a 6 monitor setup then you’ll have to get a power supply unit.

This equipment essentially converts mains alternating current to low voltage direct current for your computer’s components to stay safe.

In contrast, a laptop has an AC adapter because of the smaller space available. Either way, you won’t have to worry about this if you buy a ready-made computer.

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Parting Words on Your 6 Monitor Setup

Putting your 6 monitor setup in place is fun and a learning process. Depending on how far you want to go, you’ll even get to discover the ins and outs of computers and how to upgrade yours in the future.

Regardless of how much time and effort you want to put into this, have a think about what you’re going to use your 6 monitors for and then plan your ideal specifications.

These days, most requirements are easily met by ready-made computers. Although, your budget will determine how high tech you want to go.

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