Absolute Privacy With VPN Bitcoin Payments

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Despite most countries have data protection laws, they are not always top priorities. Since Edward Snowden came out of the closet and informed the world that basically everyone is being snooped on, people have become more anxious. 

Certainly, there are many who still say they’ve got nothing to hide. However, knowing that there are some shady institutions that love to collect our data is anything but funny. No one should be concern about what you do online. To enhance privacy measurements, people start using VPNs. Some even look for providers with VPN bitcoin payments. And there are even more options to level up your safety.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN basically is a service that allows you to hide your own IP address as you are surfing the internet. Each computer and every smartphone have their own IP address. You could compare it with your postal address. Everyone who lives somewhere is registered under a certain address. 

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Basically, as soon as you connect to the internet, everyone can trace back to see your IP address if they want to. Whatever you do on the internet, you always send data as well as you receive data. Those data strings your contains the IP address that informs where you’re currently located. Spooky, isn’t it? At the latest, when you order something online, you’re providing the online shop with your postal address. But that’s by your own free choice.

With a VPN, however, you log on to another kind of network that provides you with a different IP address than your own. At the same time, a VPN provides you with another extra level of security as it builds a wall around all the data you send and receive. That means, no one can see where your currently located and no one can spy on you. Obviously, that also includes hackers which are always keen on collecting personal data. 

Extra Level of Security

When it comes to a good VPN service, you will have to pay a small sum. A VPN has servers stationed in all sorts of places all over the world. The maintenance of those servers costs plenty. At the same time, any VPN company will have a tech team around the clock to ensure their service is working smoothly at all times. While some VPN services are free, they are often restricted. If you pay for the VPN, you get a better service and can even choose from a myriad of VPN connection combinations. Therefore, it makes sense to put some money in for VPN service. 

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However, as soon as you pay through PayPal or credit card, it’s easy for your network provider to know that you do use a VPN from the transaction. Online payments are not secure and always at risk to be discovered by hackers. But that’s not the case if you took advantage of VPN bitcoin payments. Crypto payments are completely anonymous, which provides you with a higher level of security.

How VPN Bitcoin Payment Works

Cryptocurrencies have the advantage that there is never a single unit stored on one computer. That means one block of crypto is split up and stored on several computers all over the world. The seprate parts that are combined to one block are very hard to track and pretty much unhackable. Even if a hacker managed to hack into one so-called node, that won’t affect the entire blockchain system. Rather, those parts that have been hacked are marked. Yet alone to dissolve the algorithmic puzzle of a blockchain takes a lot of effort, which makes it unlikely to ever get hacked.

As the blockchain of bitcoin is split up on several computers, all those nodes also have to authorize a VPN Bitcoin payment. There’s no middleman included in the whole process, neither is your name mentioned on any of those payments. That means, no one knows the VPN Bitcoin payment came from you. It could as well have been from your uncle in Timbuktu. 

It’s Better to Use Bitcoin

Whenever you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies, you want to make sure that there’s no hacker who might be able to find your wallet address. Although those addresses are also heavily encrypted, you can’t overlook the effort being put into stealing crypto. At the end of the day, cryptocurrencies can still be converted to cash. Even when a crypto payment is encrypted, the whole transaction would have your IP address stored somewhere. With a VPN Bitcoin payment, that won’t be the case. Your payments are 100% secure, which you can’t have from credit cards or PayPal. In comparison to bitcoin payments, PayPal probably is as safe as your own email address. Each payment you make can easily be traced back. Besides, there are governments that block certain money transaction. 

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We’re all old enough to know what to do and what not to do on the internet, right? And once you pay for a VPN with bitcoin, no one in your country will ever know that you’re using a VPN. There’s simply no proof of your VPN bitcoin payment.

Before You Make VPN Bitcoin Payments

You want to make sure that your VPN Bitcoin payment has added that extra level of security. It’s a good idea to use at least a free VPN service to arrange your VPN Bitcoin payment. A free VPN service may not be as secure as one that provides VPN Bitcoin transaction for payment method. You can follow these step to set up for the payment:

  • Sign up for a free VPN
  • Arrange your VPN Bitcoin transaction
  • Your VPN Bitcoin transaction is completely secure and processed within a few minutes
  • You can enjoy the most secure internet connection with VPN Bitcoin
  • No hackers or any other entity can snoop you out

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