{Solved} 6 Ways to Fix Netflix Error Code U7353 in Windows 10

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With the unparalleled streaming experience and the classy collection of entertainment content ranging from movies, documentaries, and TV series, Netflix is one of the finest platforms.

With the finest collection of entertainment content, Netflix is one of the smoothest platforms to use.

While the streaming is quite easy and quick on Netflix, there are still a few errors that might pop to users, making them irritated.

The errors are simple to solve by adopting one of the various solutions, allowing users to enjoy the content back again.

Let us have a look at the Netflix error code u7353 in this article.

About Netflix Error Code u7353

The Netflix error code u7353 is one of the most common errors reported by the users on Netflix. The error message that is usually displayed on the screen is, “Whoops, something went wrong.

We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title. Error code: U7353.”

The error points to the fact that some corrupted or incorrect information needs immediate attention to validate the Netflix account.

If one faces a Netflix error code u7353, it is important to find the reason and know how to fix it.

Reason For Netflix Error Code u7353

If the user faces the Netflix error code u7353, the main reasons behind this are:

✔ There is a bug in the Microsoft Store version of the Netflix application.

✔ The Netflix version that you are using is either corrupted or outdated.

✔ The DNS address available does not comply with Netflix and needs to be changed.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code u7353?

When you encounter the Netflix error code u7353 while streaming on the platform, the first thing to do is to check the network and application version.

The best thing about Netflix error code u7353 is that one can easily resolve it in various ways. The most common solutions are:

1. Reset the Netflix App

For the Netflix error code u7353 in windows 10, resetting the Netflix application is a quick fix option.

The steps that the user needs to follow to complete the resetting process are:

➦ Go to the Start bar> SettingsApps & Features> Search for Netflix> click On Advanced Options.

Netflix Advanced Options

➦ Select the Reset button and confirm.

Reset Netflix

➦ Try restarting Netflix now.

In case you are unable to locate using the above, one can even opt for the command by pressing “Windows Key + R“, which will open the Run command tab.

➦ Now enter “ms-settings:appsfeatures“, and Press OK to open Apps & Features.

ms-settingsapp features

➦ Now follow the rest steps and restart Netflix.

Note: if you’re using another device then check this resource of the official website: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/100242

2. Sign out of Netflix

sign out netflix

The Netflix error code u7353 can also be resolved by signing out the application from all the devices and logging in again.

➤ The steps are simple as the user just needs to click on the More options on the Netflix application.

➤ Then select the Sign Out option and confirm.

➤ Now try logging in back again, and run the application.

3. Check for Updates

If the Netflix error code u7353 is persisting, then there might be a need for the update.

The steps to be followed for the update are:

For Android:

Open Google Play store> My apps & games > Click on Update> Select Netflix if available for update.

For Windows 10/8:

➦ Open Microsoft Store from the Start or from Taskbar.

➦ On the right corner option select Downloads and Updates

➦ After update, Try Netflix again.

For iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

➦ Open App Store> Click on Profile> Select Netflix> Click on Update> if prompted Then Enter your iTunes password.

4. Reinstall the Netflix application

uninstall reinstall netflix app

The Netflix error code u7353 is caused due to the application error, which means that the Netflix application version that you have is either outdated or possesses some bugs.

In such a situation, simply reinstall the application and run Netflix once again to check.

5. Clear the Cookies and Browsing History

The errors caused in the system are usually resolved by removing the cookies. For the Netflix error code u7353, this is one good solution.

By going to History, select Clear the browsing history that will remove all the data.

Now log in again to check the working of Netflix.

For clearing the cookies, use the URL: https://netflix.com/clearcookies and clear all Netflix cookies.

Try logging in back by using the credentials.


Follow also steps below in the image to clear the Netflix app data.

Source: netflix.com

6. Change DNS Settings

5. Verifying DNS Settings

There are chances that the wrong DNS setting is causing the issue of Netflix error code u7353.

The steps to be followed to resolve the issue are:

Note: Before applying this method I recommend you must check your internet connection with your device.

For AppleTV, iPad, or iPhone:

➦ Open Settings> Select Wifi> Now click on info right arrow you’ll find DNS> Enter your new DNS code and Save Settings> Now Restart your device.

For PS4:

➦ Open Settings> Network> Setup internet connection> WiFi> Custom> Select your Wi-Fi network and Enter your password> Choose Automatic> Choose Do Not Specify> Choose Manual> Change your Primary and Secondary DNS codes> Next Choose Automatic> Select Do not use> Select Test Internet Connection>

➦ Now Try Again Netflix.

For Windows 10/8:

➦ Press Windows+R key

➦ The Run dialogue box will appear.

➦ Type “ncpa.cpl”

➦ The Network connections windows will be displayed.

➦ Right-click on the network adapter and select Properties.

➦ Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

➦ Click Use the following DNS server addresses.

➦ Now enter Preferred server: and Alternate server:

➦ Now flush DNS

➦ Try using Netflix again.

If above we don’t include your device then must check out this resource page how you can change your DNS for other devices: https://removeandreplace.com/2013/10/27/dns-codes-netflix-usa/


Netflix error code u7353 is an error that causes problems with the streaming and is linked with the need to either reinstall or update the version.

Sometimes, the errors are also linked to the need to clear the cookies to delete the unwanted data and help the system run the application smoothly.

Although, with the multiple solutions, it is quite easy to resolve the issue if the problem remains, one can connect with the customer support desk of Netflix to get further assistance.

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