13 New Business ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

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There are a lot of people who are confused about what business to start in Gujarat as there are not a lot of choices available to choose from nowadays.

➦ What kind of business ideas in Gujarat are good to start?

➦ Will I make a profit?

➦ What if i waste my money on that business? 

There is a simple answer to all those questions, you have already lost if you quit before you start.

In this article, I am going to provide some of the best business ideas in Gujarat which are completely different from what you find on the internet.

You can do more research on these ideas and choose the one which suits your interest.

Here List of 13 Business Ideas in Gujarat

1. Security Devices Installation Business

This is one of the easiest businesses that a person can start and you don’t even have to invest a lot of money in this business as well. 

Security devices are getting popular among people and these are becoming a necessity as well. There are a lot of devices you can work with such as CCTV cameras, GPS tracker, smart door locks and many more. 

You can try for 2 different fields in it according to your budget.

i. Installation

In this business you have to buy the product from the market once you get the order and do the installation and keep your margin in between.

ii. Selling The Business

Here you are open with a wide range of options such as opening a shop, selling wholesale, selling online, and many more. It totally depends on your budget. 

2. Private Electric Meter Business

This is a new and really good business if you are looking for business ideas in Gujarat.

The best part about this business is you get permanent clients who become your clients for a long time. 

In this business you have to invest a good amount of money as you will have to hire a small staff, buy electric meters and hire people who can promote your business to possible clients.

Once you get this business going you will start to earn a good amount of money with it. 

In this business, you provide private meters to clients who rent their flats, shops, etc.

Meters are chargeable and it’s a one-time investment for the clients.

After that, you will make the meter work on a recharge basis and people will have to recharge their meters first like the mobile phones otherwise the electricity would be cut.

For this service, you will charge a percentage of money from the recharges. Simple but a good business to invest into.

3. Mushroom Farming Business

You can open a mushroom farming business in which you can either be a wholesaler or you can be a manufacturer. Both of these are great business ideas in Gujarat.

Let me divide these 2 options for you.

i. Wholesaler

In this process you can take mass production from the manufacturers and then further make clients and sell mushrooms to them at a higher rate.

You can keep the margin in between and the best part here is you don’t have to invest a lot even to start this business. 

Here the clients for your business can be restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and local markets as well. 

ii. Manufacturer

In this process you don’t need a huge piece of land or a big investment to start with this business.

What you need is a dark room of around 100sq feet to start with and a little bit of knowledge about this business.

I will not go in-depth about the complete process of manufacturing but I can assure you that it is very easy to manufacture mushrooms. 

The best part is you can sell your product in a single go and make a huge profit in this business.

You just have to contact a wholesaler and if you are good enough with contacts then you can make direct contact with a hotel or restaurant and cut the wholesaler profit. 

4. Chinese Food Truck/Corner Business

This is a type of business that is very popular in other states. Everyone likes Chinese food and Gujarati people love it too.

This is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat to start. 

Best part about this business is you don’t have to rent a place as you can do this business in a moving food truck or you can also do this business on a street joint.

Once your business picks up the pace you can put multiple joints of your truck or corner at different places with the same name and make a brand out of it.

Make sure of hygiene to differentiate it from other food joints.

5. Wedding Packing Business

This is a great business and you have to invest 2 to 3000rs if you want to start this business.

If you want to invest a large capital then you can open a shop and start this business on a large scale.

If you want to start this business with low investment then you can provide home service for packaging of saree, dresses, makeup items, etc.

In trays and in different designs. This is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat as people love to decorate items here at weddings.

You can invest a good amount of money if you want to rent a shop and sell products related to packaging such as trays, flowers, decorative items and provide service of packaging as well. 

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6. Solar Panel business

This is a great business to start at this point of time because the future of this business is great and the competition in this business is less.

In this business, you will have to invest a little bit of money if you want to give a good start to this business. 

You will have to make clients and if you will be successful in taking government projects then you can make a good profit in this business. 

Most difficult part in this business is to make clients, other than that everything is very easy to do in this business. 

7. Canteen Business

You can start a canteen business and it is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat.

For this business, you will have to first contact schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, etc. to get permission to open a canteen there. 

Once you are done with this process you can open a canteen there according to the customers.

Suppose you have opened a canteen in college then you will have to put items like burgers, pizza, pasta, patties, etc.

If you have opened a canteen in a hospital then you will have to keep items like food with less spices, idli sambar, light food thalies etc. 

Once your business gets success in one place you can open your business at multiple places. 

8. Deep Cleaning Services 

You can provide deep clean services to your clients in which you can provide complete depth cleaning of the complete house.

From floors to mats to doors everything you can also cover services like repairing and pest control with it as well.

This is a great business to start in a metropolitan city. If you get 2-3 clients per month then you can make a good profit in it.

You will have to keep in focus that your clients will be of high standards and they will expect good service for what they pay.

Overall this is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat. 

9. Freelance makeup artist

In this business, you will have to look for clients who what services at their homes for makeup.

Usually, the clients are those who want bridal makeups, makeup for functions, etc. You can charge a good amount of money for providing home service to your clients. 

This is a great business to start and once you get a hold to this business and you have clients then you can even open your own salon in which you can provide makeup services. 

10. Two Wheeler Rental Business

In this business, you will have to invest in 2 wheelers at first.

If you have ever been to goa then you must know what I am talking about here.

If this business can gain success in goa then why not in Gujarat?

Best part about this business is only people who come to travel don’t want to take a 2 wheeler on rent.

There are people who want a 2 wheeler on a rental basis for a day to complete their work. 

You can start this business with a small investment and further invest more in this business as it starts to grow. 

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11. Pest Control business

This is a business which most of the people ignore and it is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat to start. 

Most of the people suffer from problems related to pests and there are not a lot of people who are providing services in which pest control is included.

You can be the one who provides pest control services. 

This business will grow in a short period of time because making clients in this business in not that difficult. 

12. Organic gardening business 

In this business, you can open a store in which you can sell vegetables that are organically grown.

These kinds of vegetables are getting popular as people are looking for supplies which are natural and healthy.

Growing organic vegetables is also very easy as you just have to not use any kind of chemicals or pesticides to grow your vegetables. 

This is one of the best business ideas to start in Gujarat. 

13. E- Rikshaw business

This business is getting popular because electric rickshaws do not consume any kind of fuel and it runs on electricity. The government is also supporting this business as it is very environmentally friendly. 

You can buy a E-rikshaw and give it on rent to a driver on salary basis. 

Once your business starts to grow you can put more E- rickshaws on road and earn a good profit from them.

All in All

This was the complete article on business ideas in Gujarat. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have more business ideas in Gujarat then you can mention them in the comments.