5 General Maintenance Tips for Machine Tools

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It is vital to perform maintenance on machine tools to ensure the longevity of the equipment. The maintenance can be in any part of it, either it is the operational components, the machine’s motor, or specific attachments. What is important is that you do routine checkups enough, for it is necessary for a machine tool to function properly. Plus, you do not want to have a machine breakdown because you did not do proper maintenance, causing you to stall your work. Therefore, to conduct a proper maintenance checkup. Below are some tips that you can follow to go about the maintenance of machine tools successfully. 

1. Take good care of parts and accessories 

To maintain your machine tool properly, it is vital to perform routine checks on all its accessories and components. This is an important part of preventive care to help ensure that all parts and accessories are stored and handled responsibly. You do not want to be careless with any part of your machine tool before you misplace one. Here you need to use your use all of your senses to detect any problems with your machine tool. For instance, check for a strange smell, odd sound, unordinary vibration, and any other issues as all these can mean that there is trouble with the machine tool. When detected early you can easily take care of all things, by fixing them, purchasing industrial equipment to replace some of them, among other issues. Always have a checklist and log all maintenance performed to help this process so that you do not miss any parts and accessories. 

2. Check the lubrication 

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If you use your machine tools frequently, you must inspect the lubrication of the machine levels every week. This is to make sure that there is proper lubrication of the moving parts, to ensure you protect the motor for a long time even when it is not in use as much. Therefore, ensure that as you lubricate, you oil all the internal moving components, grease moving parts, and ensure you do a visual inspection of all parts movement in action. When the machine tools have the right amount of lubrication, they could face wear and tear that can be easily avoided by them having enough oiling. Not maintaining the machine tools through lubrication will only lead to extreme damage or breakdowns. 

3. Inspect the cleanliness

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This is somewhat obvious since you need to ensure that your machine tool is clean regularly. Chose to clean various pieces of equipment either every day or weekly. In this way, you make sure that your machine is running at full capacity with no hiccups brought about by lack of cleaning. Most people take the cleanliness of the machine for granted and because of overlooking this, some parts end up breaking down. As an example, when your machine starts to rust or collects a lot of grime, there will be long-term problems that begin to appear.

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4. Sharpen important components 

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If the machine tool you are using has components that are designed for cutting, sharpening, slicing, or chopping. Make sure that these components maintain their sharpness. Where you do not perform any maintenance regularly on certain parts that need to have a particular sharpness, this can put the quality of production at high risk. You must maintain the sharpness of your machine because you need to ensure that the cut materials are shaped accurately and correctly. To do this, check the sharpness of tools like drill bits, end mills, lathe tools, and precision cutters to ensure that they are well sharpened to be used. 

5. Check alignment specifications 

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No one wants their machine tool to have a particular attachment or component out of alignment. Therefore, as part of the maintenance of your machine tool, check alignment specifications. Since this can negatively affect your work quality as you use your machine tool. For this reason, to determine your machine tool is well aligned, perform some test jobs to confirm and inspect how best the equipment is working currently. In case you find that the alignment is off, you have to realign the machine to maintain it to its accurate specifications. 

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