How to Save Snapchat Videos on Android (Simple Tips)

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In a fast-paced life, videos have emerged as a short-paced mode to spread happiness. While android has offered multiple applications to create, share, and view videos, Snapchat has emerged to be one of the prime players.

Right from TikTok to Instagram and Snapchat, almost all the applications are jeweled with the option to create videos. While Snapchat allows you to share your stories with your friends and followers, the security feature makes it unable to save the videos. Usually, the same disappear within 24 hours.

There indeed are so many stories and videos floating on the internet. Still, few of them are so fabulous that you will wish to save and keep them in your gallery.

But the question that floats in front of us here is,” how to save Snapchat videos?” For sure, this is a tricky question, but as no lock is made without a key, there is a solution to this as well.

How to save Snapchat videos?

Snapchat does not permit the users to save the videos and stories of others. Unfortunately, due to this feature, if you even take a screenshot of the video, the user will be notified, which is not appreciable. 

But still, if you are looking forward to some way to keep or save the videos and stories, the steps though are not easy, but still, the method is there. The best way is to go for a screen recording.

This will help you easily save your video without meeting the user notified about the same.

Another way with the steps to save the video on Snapchat are:

➦ Download the AZ Screen Recorder application.

➦ Launch the application on your mobile. You would be able to see floating on your screen.

➦ Open the Snapchat application on the device.

➦ Tap the AZ Screen Recorder icon and select the camera icon to start recording.

➦ Open the video that you wish you save and start the recording of the same.

➦ Click on the stop recording option once you are done with recording.

Suppose you are looking to save your videos from Snapchat to your cellphone. In that case, you can opt for directly saving the video on the camera toll.

In case you forget to save the same while uploading, you can save the video by clicking on the three vertical dots and selecting save videos from there.

To Wrap Up

The security features and the add on filters that Snapchat offers is uncanny. Although the application restricts you from saving the stories and snaps, the application’s interface is smoothest, making it one of the most desirable applications.

While there are ways to save the Snapchat videos, it is not suggested to intrude in anyone’s personal space, even if the video you are looking to download is of your friends.

So, suppose there is something so inspiring and positive that offers you a boost. In that case, you can surely take the steps’ assistance and save the video to enjoy later.

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